Procrastinators – unite tomorrow!

Yes, I haven’t written in a while. I have something in the works, but once again, the post-lecturers’-strike-university rears its ugly head, consuming every minute of my free time.

So in the meantime, enjoy this fascinating article about how the universe might not only be described by math, but made up of it as well!


4 Responses to Procrastinators – unite tomorrow!

  1. nivra says:

    And what do you think about this striking hypothesis?

  2. maverick42 says:

    Some people might view it as non-scientific, because you cannot back it up with any real measurements, and say it’s just a different form of religion. I don’t agree. I do not like it because it gives me a purpose/reason to live/way of life. I just think math is pretty amazing. It is used by humans, exists purely in our minds, yet it describes the world around us perfectly. To say it is only a tool for physics? I think that puts math to shame…

  3. nivra says:

    “…It is used by humans, exists purely in our minds”

    – I absolutely agree.

    “To say it is only a tool for physics? I think that puts math to shame…”

    – I think math describes our logic, but at the same time it is also based on that logic… I guess this is the source for its inherent incompleteness. However, with the very same logic we grasp the world. It therefore follows that math is *the* perfect tool (for us, humans) to describe the world.

  4. maverick42 says:

    Very interesting. I never thought of math this way. But the same can be applied to almost any science… There might be a better way to calculate the trajectory of a falling apple than using physics, but it is the most “natural” for us to use the formulas that we developed (Newton’s laws, general relativity, quantum mechanics…). Perhaps there is a non mathematical way to calculate it that we cannot, and could never, grasp. Kinda of despairing, no? 🙂

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